eShipGlobal – Supply Chain Management Software

Shipping. The good news? Technology makes it simpler. The bad news? The paperwork is complicated and shipping regulations are changing.

Every company has a different rate structure and billing procedure. Just trying to decipher those international and hazardous material regulations. That’s the position Matt finds himself in every day. Matt is in charge of shipping for a company that has multiple divisions, some specialize in small, others, quite large. Currently, Matt has to compare vendors on different spreadsheets, negotiate contracts, track packages, pay invoices to more than one carrier. Then, Matt has to figure out if he is in compliance when shipping internationally while managing export controls and shipping regulations. Matt remembers the time he found out he could have been fined a quarter of a million dollars and jailed for improperly shipping hazardous perfume and dry ice aboard a commercial airliner.

Matt’s days were turning into nights, and his stress level was unbearable until he found eShipGlobal. eShipGlobal is a comprehensive web based shipping management company with online and mobile tools that make the job of shipping and tracking small packages easier. It also helps to manage compliance issues when labeling, marking, and packing international shipments. Think of eShipGlobal as a travel, or even better, shipping consolidator website similar to Travelocity. Matt could enter the details of his shipment and immediately get price comparisons and delivery times. Then, with one click, all shipping papers and labels are printed out along with shippers’ declaration forms like commercial invoices. Matt is also advised of the best times to ship and if a package arrives late. By the way, if a package arrives as late as one minute, your account is automatically credited. At the end of the month, Matt gets just one itemized invoice listing all shipments and carriers such as UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc. and can access those records going back seven years. So make shipping easier and stay in compliance.

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