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Streaming Solution OohYah Supercharges and Monetizes Artists’ Careers

Nashville, TN – Streaming solution, OohYah is pleased to announce the launch of its platform designed to supercharge and monetize artists’ careers.

The platform is specifically designed for musicians in any stage of their career, from unsigned independent artists to established superstars. It provides artists with a convenient and hassle-free way to generate additional income every month, while being in complete control of the process.

Brady Seals, formerly of Little Texas and had a solo career with a few singles on Warner Brothers, is now an independent artist. “The truth is, most streaming platforms don’t pay artists fairly,” says Seals. “OohYah offers a way to let my fans subscribe directly to me.”

According to Seals, the OohYah platform is completely different to other traditional streaming services:

“OohYah puts artists like myself in the driver’s seat and lets you monetize your fan base with ease,” states Seals. “OohYah all about bringing value to music and the artists who create it.”

To get started as an artist on OohYah is highly straightforward through a streamlined process:

Step 1 – Artists sign up on the platform.
Step 2 – Fans join for free and subscribe to artists.
Step 3 – Fans gain access to an artist’s music, once they agree to pay a monthly price that the artist sets.
Step 4 – The artist pays OohYah a very small fee, taking the vast majority of the payment for themselves.

OohYah is designed to help launch or nurture the careers of any artist. The company’s subscription model is the friendliest option on the market, with the ability for true fans to give their hard earned money to the artist, rather than the platform itself.

This formula, in turn, enables artists to enjoy a return on their investment that pays out each and every month.

For more information about OohYah, or to sign up as an artist, please visit

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