Professional Diploma in Public Procurement PDPP : Module 1

Overview :

“Public procurement” is the purchase of goods or services by the public sector and it generally accounts for a large share of public expenditure in a domestic economy. Existing statistics suggest that public procurement accounts, on average, for 15% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) worldwide, and is even higher in India, where that figure is estimated at approximately 25% of GDP. As obvious the size of Public Procurement (roughly $500 billion per annum) is quite considerable and can make a great impact on national economy.

In view of the large size of public procurement & its importance, there is a need to professionalize the public procurement. The World Bank has taken the lead by launching certification program i.e. CPPP (Certified Progam in Public Procurement) & PDPP(Professional Diploma in Public procurement) for procurement professional working in the public sector. These certifications aims to build up a strong foundation in Public Procurement.

To assist our procurement & supply chain practitioners in preparing for PDPP certification, ISM-INDIA is proud to launch webinar series. This will cover various modules as per the course curriculum laid down by Charter for Public Procurement Studies. The presentation will be followed by an interactive discussion period with all participants.

To begin we will be covering Module 1 (Introduction to Procurement & Public Procurement) on 17 January 2015 (Saturday).

Learning Objectives :

What is Procurement & its scope and importance?
Understanding the role & principle of Public Procurement
Public vs. Private Sector Procurement
Understanding “5 Rights” of Procurement.
Learn the concept of Value Analysis, Value Engineering, JIT, TQM etc.