Article About ZoomCharts in the Business Newspaper Dienas Bizness

Article About ZoomCharts in the Business Newspaper Dienas Bizness

ZoomCharts is honored to be featured on the Dienas Bizness (Daily Business) website, Latviaâs biggest business newspaper. DB offers the latest information for professionals in Latvia, on topics such as finance, business, property, technology, production, and world news.

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The story of ZoomCharts began when a problem was identified: there was no data visualization library available that allowed data to be explored in an interactive way on all modern devices. Most of what was out there involved data being visualized statically, or interactively without the capability to be adapted for mobile use. Thus, a solution was born when Co-Founder and CEO Janis Volbergs and his team established ZoomCharts.

Looking forward, the team aimed to create an entirely new product that, unlike competitors that were supporting yesterdayâs technology, focused on creating tools that worked with the technology of tomorrow. It was clear that the business of current and future technologies, such as mobile devices, tablets, and phones that were gradually replacing traditional computers, was changing the way people consumed content, and so, the tools needed to reflect this shift.

The idea attracted the attention of Imprimatur Capital, and with a team of only 3 people at the time, ZoomCharts received a seed investment of â¬200,000, and later, another â¬500,000. The team continues to grow, now with 11 employees, and the company continues to impress organizations in technology, business, education, government, and financial industries, with clients such as Hewlett Packard, SwissLife, and the Procurement Monitoring Bureau of Latvia.

ZoomCharts is proving to live up to its reputation as the worldâs most interactive data visualization software, with tools let you create completely interactive, stunning visual representations of massive data sets, on all modern devices, at incredibly fast speeds. Be among the growing number of professionals discovering the exciting potential that ZoomCharts opens up for analyzing and presenting data.

Check out ZoomCharts products:

Network Chart
Big network exploration
Explore linked data sets. Highlight relevant data with dynamic filters and visual styles. Incremental data loading. Exploration with focus nodes.

Time Chart
Time navigation and exploration tool
Browse activity logs, select time ranges. Multiple data series and value axes. Switch between time units.

Pie Chart
Amazingly intuitive hierarchical data exploration
Get quick overview of your data and drill down when necessary. All in a single easy to use chart.

Facet Chart
Scrollable bar chart with drill-down
Compare values side by side and provide easy access to the long tail.

The worldâs most interactive data visualization software

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