Celebrating 30 Years M.V Maldives Victory

Celebrating 30 Years M.V Maldives Victory

Celebrating 30 Years M.V Maldives Victory

Three Thousand tons and its Cargo slammed into the depths of the ocean floor near the Male’ International Airport at a depth of 45meters below ,she settled upright slightly tilted to the right her chains on the port side had been set free to rescue her by the last attempt by her crew but the 110 meter cargo vessel had started to take water she was single hulled and the impact she made when she ramped in to the reef of the Airport had opened the hull she and her crew was fighting a battle that could not have been won on this day of Friday the 13th February 1981.

Maldives Victory had a massive cargo on her hold with everything that was needed to supply the capital city of Maldives’ and to the near by resorts, its cargo ranged from tooth picks to Cars to Radio Cassette players , Cement , to Alcohol supply, to common items that a house hold would need everyday.

It could be said that this was the most efficient salvage operation that had been carried out during this time period by local divers and expatriates. Leaving nothing behind the wreck was automatically transformed to be environmentally and hazard free with in a few months time.

The furious currents that rush though this channel unleashed its self making and nature’s way of sandblasting the old paint on the ship allowing the salt to slowly eat its way in the metal .Monsoon after monsoon bought coral lava and an artificial reef was formed. It soon became an international hit among divers world wide. If and analyst was to calculate the amount of money that this artificial reef has generated to the tourism industry since 1981 you would not believe it.

The victory is a demanding dive. On an Air profile this dive would be at a maximum bottom time of 20min with no deco .Nitrox could extend this dive to a hassle free no deco dive of 45 to 50 min total bottom time, with outgoing currents it would be challenging but divers could hide and lay low and swim up to the bow, Most interesting is the bridge, wheel house and the cargo compartments .

Marine life on the wreck includes occasional Giant barracuda, Dog Tooth Tuna, Giant travellys with jacks and lots of nudibranchs. A Night dive when possible would reveal a complete opposite scenario with Giant Napoleon wrasse sleeping in some of the holds or in the bridge, crowded with parrot fishes and mostly the display of corals in full bloom on the wheel house.

At present Maldives Victory still dose not let her grip go and is intact but shows heavy sighs of metal decay some of the masts that stood straight have given way coral still blooms here the only threat to the Wreck is perhaps from the silt that storms on to in it from the Airports lagoon which covers the coral polyps staving it from regenerating.