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Clanton discusses fire truck purchase ahead of price increase

Published 11:01 am Friday, January 6, 2023

By JOYANNA LOVE | Managing Editor

The Clanton City Council discussed purchasing a new fire truck at its work session on Jan 5.

A decision is expected at its voting session on Jan. 9 because the price could go up as soon as the end of February. The vehicle would cost $697,000, and there is currently about a two-year wait time for fire trucks from the manufacturer.

Fire Chief David Driver said the Pierce brand truck would be the same brand as the department has now and would be manufactured in Florida. The timeframe for delivery is projected as 20-25 months from ordering. However, if ordered now, the price could be locked in

“If there is a price increase a year from now, they will still honor that price,” Driver said.

Payment would not be required at the time of the order, and City Clerk Jonathan Seale said if the city waits to pay for the truck when it is delivered, then it could be budgeted for next year.

The new truck will be used to replace an older fire truck.

“Our oldest truck is 35 years old,” Driver said. “We have an ’88 and a ’92 model. We will take one of those out of service.”

The possibility of giving the older truck to the public works department has been discussed. Driver said this could be a good option because the vehicle could likely not be sold for much.

Clanton Fire Department has its first fire station staffed with full-time firefighters as of this month. Mayor Jeff Mims said it was going well so far.

Purchasing two ambulances for the city was also discussed. Information on pricing was presented to the council as a long-term discussion. Projected delivery time if the city did purchase an ambulance has been projected at two years. Currently, the city has hired full-time paramedics and an agreement with Regional Paramedical Service to provide the ambulance and a driver.

Also, during the meeting, Mims updated the council on the cost of renting the Peach Jam stage in July. The price would be $18,000 again this year.

“We have it budgeted … I just wanted to let you all know what it was going to cost,” Mims said.

Improvements to the stage at Corner Park downtown were also discussed. Mims said he was researching prices and would have more information for the council at a later date. He mentioned getting a grant for the improvements may be an option.

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