Energy Management

Energy Management

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Septrivium is an Information Technology and Systems Consulting Company dedicated to the Hospitality Industry. It is our purpose to help you design, manage and implement projects, from general network maintenance to revamping and relaunching your site to optimal levels with the latest technology and highest level of customer service.


As your technology partner, we will help you find the appropriate solutions for your company and guide you to customized alternatives to make your site more efficient, greener and with a better and more memorable guest experience. The size of project will always be determined by your needs, capabilities and budget.


With today’s information and communication technology there are many ways to enhance the hotel experience by customizing the room specifications to your guest’s preferences and allowing technology to take care of the processes seamlessly in the background while your personnel attends to your guests.


Septrivium is an outsource Project Management Office which will define and maintain your project according to the appropriate standards and certifications determined by the Hospitality Industry. If needed, we are ready to lead all aspects of your project including: outline of scope, construction planning, procurement process, general planning and onsite management. We can also act as your consultant and partner, leading you to the most recent technologies available in the market. Our interaction in your projects will be determined by you.

• PMO – Project Management Office
• Maintenance and upgrades
• Connectivity and IP based Solutions
• Technology Guest Experience Enhancers
• Energy Management
• VoIP Services
• SIP Based PRI