Historic Rural Barn Goshen Connecticut

Historic Rural Barn Goshen Connecticut

It just started to rain when I was driving out to the West Cornwall Bridge and I spotted this barn. I believe this is Goshen CT but I am not completely sure because it was a long drive and I went through several towns.

This is a 2 exposure HDR. I have shared that I don’t love HDRs. I did bring the saturation down on this to try to get it back to the natural colors. I don’t get the detail I wish for when I have to bring my f-stop down when there are low light conditions but for the equipment that I work with (Cheap! lol) I guess it will do. 😉

Unfortunately, I do not know the history of this barn. In Connecticut, these historic barns are quickly disappearing when land is purchased and no longer used for agriculture. They fall into complete disrepair and worse they are torn down for new construction. Many are getting saved and preserved through being placed on the national registry of historic barns (I believe it is called.) Hopefully, at some point, I can at least find the circa date of the barn but with this said online even when they are listed, they don’t give much information about the history of these barns.

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