How To Get Accredited Certificate In Supply Chain Management?

Do you want to know how to get an accredited Certificate In Supply Chain Management? Explore accredited online Supply Chain Management Courses at Brentwood Open Learning College:

Brentwood Open Learning College has earned a strong reputation as a distance learning provider. The college offers accredited certifications at beginners, advanced and intermediate levels. College offers online courses which are flexible, affordable and easily accessible. Our 24/7 access to courses and tutor support makes learning an enjoyable experience for our learners.

Graduated, experienced and senior supply chain manager can earn up to £25000, £45000, £6000 per year respectively. You can start with any business in a junior role and then can make your way up through to higher levels.

What skills are required for a Supply Chain Manager?
• Ability to motivate and lead a team
• Effective communication skills
• Conflict management
• Strategy building
• Ability to work under pressure and time limits
• Efficiency in computer
• Focus to details

Normally this job is office based but sometime requires travel to meet business clients.

Typical employers are:
• Freight forwarders
• Manufacturers
• Charities
• Major retailers
• Distribution firms
• Warehousing
As a Supply Chain Manager you will be doing:
• Receiving and distributing the goods
• Negotiating and signing contracts with buyers
• Analysing and selecting the products in demand
• Preparing inventory reports and forecasts
• Monitoring and suggesting
• Tracking stock and shipments

Supply chain management is a full of interest and it is a well paid career with a lot of employment opportunities worldwide.
Brentwood Open Learning College offers free short course in supply chain Management as well as professional diplomas in affordable bundles at different levels. Level 1 consists of following three units Introduction to supply Chain Management, Planning for Supply Chain Operations and Manufacturing & Delivery operations in Supply Chain.

Certificate in Supply Chain Management Level 2 consists of following four units Introduction to Supply Management, Supply Chain Drivers, Managing Supply Chain Risk and Supply Chain best Practices.

At Level 3 certificate in Supply Chain Management the candidate taken through the following fields of Supply Chain management Introduction to Supply Chain and Logistics, Planning & Sourcing Operations, Managing Procurement, Managing Manufacturing Operations, Inventory Management and Transport Management
Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management Level 4 is specialist study in this field having in-depth knowledge of Supply Chain Management for huge career achievements. Level 4 consists of following thirteen modules Introduction to Supply Chain Management, Logistics in Supply Chain Management, Logistics Strategy & Operations, Planning & Sourcing Operations, Procurement Operations, Manufacturing & Delivery Operations, Market Distribution in the Supply Chain, Inventory Management, Transport Management, Warehousing & Material Handling, Using Information Technology in Supply Chain, Supply Chain Systems Design and Supply Chain Performance Measurement.

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