IT – Annoyances Week Day 2

IT - Annoyances Week Day 2

This one is an annoyance on soooooo many levels…

OK – let’s go from more to less specific!

WARNING – Geek Explosion ahead – I’m sorry, but that’s what I am…

1) Corporate IT…sucks in so many ways. Internet filtering, the stuff that’s locked down, the desperately bad VPN software, the lousy networks (my work PC is on a 10Mbit network…), the lousy e-mail (I have 45MB of mail storage at work. Google give me over 7GB for nothing). And then you have the IT procurement nightmare…let’s not go there.

2) Windows PCs…well, especially the Vista laptop I’ve just been ‘upgraded’ to at work. In some ways, I’d prefer to still be using Windows 2000. I’d definitely much rather be using Windows 7 – that’s not too bad. But Vista…no. Horrible. hate it.

And the design of PCs…that Dell thing has a stupidly small trackpad, and lumps and protrusions all over it. Not smooth and shiny like my Mac. And that’s AFTER I’ve ripped the ‘Intel Inside’ stickers off it… To be honest, that comparison works for Windows against OS X as well, as far as I’m concerned. Hans – I’m saying nothing about Linux, I’ve not used it anywhere near enough to comment.

3) PCs and IT in general – the way it’s promoted as if it’s simple enough for everyone with no specialist knowedge…OK, it is…while it works…but when it stops working? Oh, it’s a nightmare. Things…just don’t work for no apparent reason. And fixing them can be impossible…unless you find the right incantation to type into Google to find that one web page that fixes things.

Case in point – installing Hewlett Packard printer drivers on a print server for 64 bit Windows clients…the HP driver installer leaves registry settings that mean 64 bit clients can’t download and install drivers properly, while 32 bit clients can. If I hadn’t found that one web page, I would still be wondering what was wrong – even using my strongest debug skills, I was only a little part of the way towards diagnosing the root cause. Thank you Google!

Woah – that was a rant and a half – I feel better now 🙂