Mint shipping Bessie Coleman quarters to Fed

The United States Mint began shipping circulation finish 2023 American Women, Bessie Coleman quarter dollars Jan. 3 through the Federal Reserve for nationwide distribution into circulation.

The shipments comprise production from both the Denver and Philadelphia Mints.

The San Francisco Mint is executing limited quantities of circulation finish 2023-S Coleman quarter dollars, none of which are targeted for circulation issue. The 2023-S Coleman quarter dollars with a circulation finish will be issued only as a numismatic product, going on sale Feb. 14 in 40-coin rolls in a three-roll set that also contains a roll each from Denver and Philadelphia production.

The three-roll sets are also offered by subscription, at $54 per set, limited to 12,360 sets.

Two-roll sets containing Philadelphia and Denver quarter dollars are offered for $36 per set, limited to a total of 9,140 sets.

The Mint is also offering 100-coin bags of Philadelphia Mint quarter dollars at $40 per bag, with a maximum of 7,860 bags available.

The Denver Mint and Philadelphia Mints ship their circulation quality quarter dollars aimed for circulation distribution directly to armored carriers contracted by the Federal Reserve.

The loose coins, shipped in ballistic bags containing hundreds of thousands of coins each, are fed into coin counting equipment that also packages the coins into paper-wrapped or plastic-wrapped rolls of 40 coins each.

The freshly struck coins may join earlier dated issues and other series of the denomination in the coin counting and wrapping equipment, or the resulting rolls may contain exclusively new coins.

The Bessie Coleman quarter dollar is the first of five American Women quarter dollars to be issued in calendar year 2023, with different finishes available.

2023 quarter dollars will also be offered with individual reverses recognizing Edith Kanaka’ole, Eleanor Roosevelt, Jovita Idar, and Maria Tallchief.

The series’ common obverse carries American sculptor Laura Gardin Fraser’s 1931 portrait facing right of George Washington initially approved for the Washington quarter dollar.

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