Popular Josh Christina Song “Rockstar” Music

Josh Christina “Rockstar”

Josh Christina is an old soul. Blending the sounds of Elton John, Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry, and Elvis Presley, you get Josh Christina, a voice that will take you back generations. From the first listen, you can’t help but think, did Josh Christina land in the wrong era. Josh Christina’s newest single ‘Rockstar’ showcases his passion, authenticity, and vulnerability.

Josh Christina captivates his audience instantaneously with his storytelling, piano playing, and his use of rhythm and blues. ‘Rockstar’ brings a refreshing sound. His use of snaps and tambourine bring flavor to his music, along with his ability to evoke so much emotion and movement throughout. Josh Christina leaves his fans wanting more.

Josh’s love for music started as a young boy ‘chasing a dream just trying to reach the sky’, he takes us through the journey till present time. As Josh Christina says in his song ‘the next rock and roll idol is gonna be me’, just wait and see!

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