PURCHASING OFF DEEP WEB/DARKNET MARKETS FOR NOOBS – 2018 Tutorial – (Part 2) (Read Description)

Marketplace link (Dream Market)
In the Previous Part 1 video I mentioned you can’t buy bitcoin instantly.
I have 2 cards, a Visa and MasterCard that I couldn’t link to my coinbase account directly unless I linked my bank account with those cards, linking your bank account takes a week to receive the btc after purchase.

Recently, after switching jobs from becoming a skinny fry to a skinny lobster I got one of those little prepaid cards that most jobs will hand out for direct deposit. (ADP Card)
This card allows me personally to buy BTC instantly.
From experience recently with buying btc instantly, a close friend and I have had our bank accounts flagged for fraud when buying instantly. For my pre paid card it’s an automated 24/7 toll free and very easy to verify its me but if you’re actually banking then just tell them for future reference you don’t need to be flagged for fraud buying bitcoin.
Bottom of line . If you can get whatever debit card working on coinbase correctly, you will be available to purchase and send your bitcoin out instantly rather than waiting a week and hoping the price doesn’t drop .. but that goes hand in hand because it could also rise.
Prepaid cards seem to work better than banking.
Look into a green dot card.

You DO NOT need to re download electrum and tor on tails as both electrum and tor come ON TAILS DEFAULT – in my previous part 1 video I took a few seconds pointing out at 6:35 in the tutorial for the tails tutorial, you need to check everything in the persistence volume, so when you choose everything you’ll see both electrum and tor on the list.

MAKE SURE!!!!!! AFTER WHATEVER YOU PLAN ON BUYING (When you click add to cart) there’s a small box on the corner side of the shipping options & it says “encrypt message” – CLICK AND CHECK MARK – that small box as well PGP paste your address in the shipping options (of course follow the PGP process in my tutorial) THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT TOO

Last and final thing I want to mention is remembering turning down the bitcoin fee all the way each time sending from wallet to wallet as it SAVES MONEY!

PACKAGES SHIP USPS & ARRIVE IN YOUR MAILBOX SO YOU’LL NEVER NEED TO SIGN, USPS DELIVERS YOUR ORDERS EVEN ON SUNDAYS! (I’ve noticed on Sundays packages are left on your doorstep rather than in the mailbox – usps workers of course should always knock on your door and alert you before leaving your package) (Unless the package is too big to fit in your mailbox usps workers will deliver to your door as well)
This is my Dream Market invitation link
Use this link to sign up on dream as a $TIP$ to me in gratitude of the tutorial and I will be very thankful ! (To be copy & pasted into tor browser only)

THANKS! Even 1 person to sign up off my link is a huge success in my eyes.

As well, this is a basic tutorial, the internet can be unforgiving, be safe and be smart, so research what you’re doing when it comes to this shit. The internet is endless and you will find your answers.

Enjoy my tutorial from a person coming from experience
I know that this is the MOST up to date and basic method of ordering you can find on ALL of youtube!