Trails Altina & Millium Mat + Acrylic Stands Available For International Purchase

Nihon Falcom and retailer Curtain Damashii have listed new Trails products, this time comprising a rubber mat and acrylic stands depicting Altina Orion and Millium Orion. These character choices are meant to commemorate 2023 being the Year of the Rabbit.

The rubber mat (¥3,300) contains an illustration of the sisters in rabbit-like attire as they enjoy a crepe with the Hajimari no Kiseki (Trails into Reverie) logo plastered on the left.

Meanwhile, the giga-sized Hajmiari no Kiseki-branded acrylic stands both cost ¥5,500, with pre-orders only available until January 31, 2023. One stand depicts Altina in an outfit suited for winter as she pets two rabbits, while the other has Millium endearingly embracing Altina.

Shipping times for each of the aforementioned items vary depending on when they are purchased, with the store pages having tables precisely displaying expected arrival times based on purchase windows. The earliest timeframes customers should expect these products are early to mid-February 2023.

Moreover, international shipping is available via the Buyee service. It is likely that costs will be higher via this proxy.

Images of this upcoming merchandise are viewable via our gallery below:

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