Step 4: Pinch out/in to zoom-in/out. ZoomCharts Net Chart for tablets

Step 4: Pinch out/in to zoom-in/out. ZoomCharts Net Chart for tablets

Step 4: Pinch out/in to zoom-in/out.

Keeping your connections, talking points, or production path and processes in order is easy with our
Interactive Highlight feature. You can zoom in, zoom out, focus, move, expand, focus or hide each data cell to reflect the changes in your business cycle as soon as tDrag-and-drop-to-rearrange-ZoomCharts-Net-Charthey happen. This feature is great for creating and managing professional social “circles” or supply chain and distribution channels with a single touch.

Zoomcharts Interactive Highlight is the latest go-to data tool leveraged by engineers, educators, consultants, marketers, manufacturers, project management professionals and upper management in order to maximize efficiency and close the communication gap.

– Visual mapping enables you to see the “bigger picture”
– Quick and easy to manipulate fluid data points
– Keep information current and correct
– Helps everyone stay in the “loop”

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Explore linked data sets. Highlight relevant data with dynamic filters and visual styles. Incremental data loading. Exploration with focus nodes.

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Facet Chart
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Compare values side by side and provide easy access to the long tail.

The world’s most interactive data visualization software

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