ZoomCharts Data Visualization Tools on the Procurement Monitoring Bureau of Latvia Website

ZoomCharts Data Visualization Tools on the Procurement Monitoring Bureau of Latvia Website

ZoomCharts data visualization tools have become very popular amongst government agencies and bureaus because of its capabilities to process massive amounts of data in a blink of an eye. Users get a seamless experience without having to wait for data to load or for a chart or graph to update on the screen.

Another very important feature is how users can interact with ZoomCharts charts and graphs. Instead of a simple static visual display of information, you can easily extract data and see how it is related to other entries. Try it yourself!

Finally, ZoomCharts tools are touchscreen friendly, which means you can use them on all your mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets.

ZoomCharts advanced data visualization tools are being used by a growing number of organizations in business and educational sectors, including sciences and mathematics, such as anatomy, biochemistry, ecology, microbiology, nutrition, neuroscience, physiology, zoology, chemical engineering, geochemistry, molecular biology, geology, paleontology, physics, astronomy, algebra, computer science, geometry, logic, and statistics, and the arts such as, music, dance, theatre, film, animation, architecture, applied arts, photography, graphic design, interior design, and mixed media.

Business owners who have discovered ZoomChartsâ software hold it in high regard, with its ability to unlock the possibilities of their business in bringing data analysis and data presentation to the next level.

See how the Procurement Monitoring Bureau of Latvia has integrated ZoomCharts data visualization tools on their website to provide a functional and visually stimulating data display on the Latvian public sector:

Established and in operation since 2002, the Procurement Monitoring Bureau is a State administrative authority and autonomous watchdog that ensures public procurement regulations are followed in state and local government through monitoring and regulation. It operates in accordance with the law to publish tender notices and contract award notices, examine complaints, provide methodological assistance and consultations, and compile and analyze statistical information.

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